Episode 1

Published on:

15th Sep 2022

Beyond The Blonde

During the season opener, your favorite Doctor and Dietitian open up about their personal struggles and gritty climb to becoming respected experts in the weight loss and bariatric surgery field. They are telling empowering stories of overcoming challenges while remaining unapologetically true to themselves. Have you ever felt like you were the largest person in the room but also invisible? Discriminated against? Frustrated? They hear you. They see you. And they know there is so much more in you. Beyond the blonde reminds you to value your worth and push conventional boundaries!

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About the Podcast

Doctor X Dietitian
A doctor and a dietitian talk all things health, bariatric surgery, weight loss, and more
She's a doctor- Dr. Betsy Dovec! And she's a dietitian- Hannah Schuyler, RD! Go deep with these dynamos as they share their personal struggles and inspirational successes, while motivating you to be your truest, most fabulous self. These blondes are blazing the trail across the globe as respected experts, chatting about all things health, weight loss, relationships, and bariatric surgery. Relatable and empowering, you will fall in love with your new favorite doctor and dietitian!