Episode 12

Published on:

16th Dec 2022

Medical Weight Loss Pt. 1

In part 1 of 4 of our new podcast series, the Doctor and Dietitian go deep into the basics of medical weight loss! You have questions, we have answers. Like, where to begin?

You may have struggled with your weight for a long time. Maybe, you just started struggling. Some people experience tremendous success and then get stuck despite tremendous efforts to lose weight. The frustration is real. But, good news - so is the success with weight loss medication.

We discuss how you can get plugged in to see a clinician who can properly evaluate, diagnose, and treat eligible patients with the best anti-obesity medications (AOMs).

During a thorough work-up, we'll review multiple classes of drugs and explain medications that are either weight neutral, cause you to lose (win-win!) or gain weight (boo!).

Dr. Dovec is a Diplomate with the Board of Obesity Medicine and geeks out on our poor dietitian with her explanation of pharmacology.

Friends! Your knowledge as you know it is about to get rocked. This breakdown on weight loss medications is just in time for the new year, so you won't want to miss it.

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