Episode 3

Published on:

30th Sep 2022

Protein Protein Protein!

Your favorite doctor and dietitian duo are here to discuss all things protein! Learn about the reasons why you need protein after bariatric surgery, how it impacts weight loss, and the best ways to get it in your diet. They'll talk about the difference in animal and plant-based sources (vegans and vegetarians welcome!) as well as why you should try to obtain most of you protein from whole foods. Get ready to nerd out on nutrition and remember to always order the edamame!

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A doctor and a dietitian talk all things health, bariatric surgery, weight loss, and more
She's a doctor- Dr. Betsy Dovec! And she's a dietitian- Hannah Schuyler, RD! Go deep with these dynamos as they share their personal struggles and inspirational successes, while motivating you to be your truest, most fabulous self. These blondes are blazing the trail across the globe as respected experts, chatting about all things health, weight loss, relationships, and bariatric surgery. Relatable and empowering, you will fall in love with your new favorite doctor and dietitian!