Episode 26

Published on:

24th Mar 2023

SOS Series Part 1: Stress

🆘 = A Collection of Conversations to navigate life’s MINDfields.

Your favorite doctor and dietitian duo are back with a brand-new series. This one will tackle Stress, Overwhelming Anxiety, and Solitude.

Who’s stressed? Not me. I’m fine. Why are we so good at faking being fine? Guess what - I see you faking it. 👀 

SOS signals distress. Are you waving the white flag? We get that you can feel like you're drowning in the ocean of emotion. Stress is crushing - it feels like a physical weight that crushes us physically and emotionally. Stress is exhausting. Yet. We are totally fine. Nothing to see here.

Mental tension can be a nuisance or can put us in a constant state of debilitating worry. Stress can rob you of quality years. The physiologic changes can negatively impact our well-being.

The Doctor Dietitian Collab get vulnerable and relatable in this first of series episode -  stress: the good, the bad, and the solutions! The duo break down how stress impacts your every day life, your health, and can even be a tool to help you with your goals. Listen for some solutions.

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