Episode 16

Published on:

13th Jan 2023

The Seinfeld Episode

It's the show about nothing!

After 4 weeks of information-packed conversations about anti-obesity medications, the DoctorXDietitian duo thought it was time for an episode where they chat, swap stories, and just have a good time. Never fear, they will be back with more bariatric surgery and weight loss content!

You'll finally learn what Dr. Dovec is bad at and how a good parking job can change the course of your life.

Hannah shares about her good luck with radio contests and how she is never not multitasking.

Join them for some fun and laughs!

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Doctor X Dietitian
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She's a doctor- Dr. Betsy Dovec! And she's a dietitian- Hannah Schuyler, RD! Go deep with these dynamos as they share their personal struggles and inspirational successes, while motivating you to be your truest, most fabulous self. These blondes are blazing the trail across the globe as respected experts, chatting about all things health, weight loss, relationships, and bariatric surgery. Relatable and empowering, you will fall in love with your new favorite doctor and dietitian!